Unusual Animals Reading Comprehension Worksheets with Lesson Plan Procedure

I came upon several different live post about unique or unusual animals and it inspired me to put together these worksheets. When I was working in my middle school in South Korea my students absolutely adored anything to do with the animal world and often surprised me with what they know. I would like to think that these worksheets might further inspire them to read and help to improve their reading comprehension.

As an aid to teachers, each of these is presented with a reading process lesson plan. I find that students often need help working through the reading  process to build reading skills. This is especially true of EFL/ESL learners who may be focused on very surface level reading skills designed to help take tests. While test taking skills are important, reading that focuses on scanning for an answer leaves the learner with very limited ability to engage and comprehend the text. By teaching through the reading process the goal is to help learners move from skimming, to scanning, through to deeper meaning. To help with this, learners are presented with organizers in a chart form rather than reading comprehension questions.

I hope these are enjoyable for both teachers and students.