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All Activities and Plans are Free For Your Classroom!

As an EFL teacher for the last few years I’ve had a number of opportunities to develop and design my own materials for the classroom. Enjoy the fruits of my labor by downloading these free EFL/ESL activities to try in your classroom. If you like something or have any questions let me know by sending an email.


Task Based Activities for EFL Classrooms

This is a collection of activities all designed around the practice of implementing task based learning (TBL) in EFL/ESL classroom. Many of these task based learning activities can be adjusted easily to work with young learners to high school or university students. These are communicative activities that appeal to all levels of EFL/ESL learning, from beginning to advanced.

When designing activities for the classroom I think carefully about how to incorporate various intelligence strengths and learning styles. You will find these activities have visual, kinesthetic, logical, verbal, musical, interpersonal, and intrapersonal components. There are tasks that will appeal to the introverted students, and tasks for extroverts. All of these task based activities have been used in a real classroom that ranged in size from 40 to 55 students, so each task is applicable for a  large group. These tasks can work equally well in a smaller classroom.

Many activities also apply English for Specific Purposes, such as the study of culture, science, math, history, art, and music. Whenever possible I work to integrate content as well as lexical principals.

Feel free to experiment in your classroom. Follow the link to find a number of task based activities ready to print. Click the open in new window box in the upper right corner of any activity. From there use CTRL+P to print from a PC.





















With each activity I have included instructions and ideas to help you easily incorporate these tasks into your lesson plans.

I have sorted these into some categories for ease of discovery, but you can see the whole collection here.

Whole Collection

Do you want something specific? Search by keyword, topic, activity in the search bar in the upper right hand corner of the rainbow.

Foundation Activities

These foundation activities are designed for beginning or mid-semester introduction or review of class rules, classroom English, and standards of assessment.

General Task Based Learning (TBL) Activities

These activities are designed to be done in pairs or groups of four. They are easy to complete, fun, and communicative for beginner through advanced EFL/ESL learner.

Board Games

These are board games that can be used with cards. Some are paired with specific cards. Most can be used with any of the cards from the cards section.

Cards, Flash Cards, and Cards for Board Games

These cards can be used with board game activities. They can also be used as description activities. In groups of four students turn the card based on a topic, discuss the card together, and write a description base don the pictures.

Information Gap Activities

These activities are information gap activities that require either an A/B pair, or an A/B/C pair or group. The purpose is to create a lack of information between two students, or a gap. The gap is filled when students communicate the information through speaking.

Requesting Card Games

These are card game style activities where students request cards other students may have. The rules are the same as traditional Go Fish. One Card games are played using the rules of UNO.

Running Dictation

These activities are designed for dictation where sentences or paragraphs are posted and students cooperate to collect information to complete the activities.

Reading Dictation

These activities are designed to be completed in groups or pairs. Students take turns reading while listening students write the reading.


These activities are designed to be completed as either student to group interview, student to student, or mingle type (cocktail) interview.

EFL Worksheets

These materials were designed for a more traditional classroom. Many of the worksheets for grammar were designed for young learners and beginners as an introduction to grammar rules. The principles behind the design were repetition and redundancy. Most of the worksheets were used as review or practice sheets not as introductions to grammar.

Young Learner Grammar Worksheets


Conversation Practice


Using is or are

Opposite Words

Grammar Coloring

Creative Writing


Can or Can’t



Mixed Grammar


Advanced Conversation

Punctuation Worksheets

EFL Workbooks for Young Learners

These workbooks are designed for very young learners or beginning EFL/ESL learners. The purpose of these books is to focus on building conversation skills, basic reading, writing, and vocabulary that will be useful with a continuing pursuit of language study. These are full workbooks with multiple pages. Books are designed to be printed front to back and stapled together.

Need a free book for your after-school kindergarten program, or homework book for your young students? Try out these workbooks.

Full Young Learner Workbooks


EFL Special Needs Coloring and Workbooks

Currently many schools in Korea are working to create inclusion style classrooms where students with different special needs are incorporated in all areas of study. This included the English classroom, adding a new challenge in communication and classroom management. To work with my studnets with needs I talked to the special needs teachers to find out what skills would be useful that might also match with my curriculum. Based on this I created a series of special needs coloring and workbooks that were of interest to my special needs studnets, allowed the students to be engaged during classtime, and helped enhanve their learning experience. Feel free to try these in your classroom.

Special Needs Coloring and Workbooks