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These materials are highly recommended for English as a Foreign Language (EFL) classrooms that utilize English Medium Language Instruction (EMLI). Specifically designed for new EFL classrooms, these materials are geared towards helping language students comprehend essential aspects such as classroom language, classroom rules, and the fundamentals of performance-based assessment.

These activities have been meticulously crafted to facilitate a smooth transition into the English language learning environment. They provide a structured approach to familiarizing students with the language and expectations within the classroom setting. By engaging in these activities, students gain a comprehensive understanding of essential classroom elements, enabling them to navigate the learning process with confidence and ease. These activities can be implemented consecutively or distributed once a week over the course of the first month, depending on the instructor’s preferred approach.

The lessons in these materials are built upon the concept of co-constructed classroom rules and policies. They are designed to foster a collaborative partnership between educators and students in establishing and upholding classroom boundaries. This approach cultivates a sense of shared responsibility and empowerment among language learners, as they actively participate in shaping the learning environment. Consequently, students feel more motivated and confident, leading to improved outcomes in their language classes. These lessons support student-centered learning experiences that incorporate task-based learning and communicative activities, fostering a conducive environment for language acquisition.

For public school teachers, it is strongly recommended to revisit these lessons, particularly after extended breaks, such as annual summer breaks when students may not attend classes for a month or longer. Reviewing these materials during such periods ensures a smooth reintegration into the learning routine, refreshing students’ understanding of classroom language, rules, and expectations.

Incorporating these recommended materials into your English as a Foreign Language classroom sets the stage for a collaborative and empowering learning experience. Students become active participants in their language education, leading to enhanced motivation, confidence, and overall academic outcomes.

Classroom Language

Use these reading dictation activities to introduce students to classroom language.

Classroom Rules

These materials facilitate discussions on classroom behaviors, including both positive and disruptive actions. By engaging with these resources, learners develop an understanding of creating an ideal learning environment and empathy for teachers maintaining it. Encourage conversations on desired behaviors and their impact, fostering collective responsibility and empathy towards teachers.

Performance Based Assessment

These student-centered worksheets serve as a valuable tool for students to gain a deeper understanding of performance-based assessment. They provide opportunities for students to actively engage in observing and grading performances, thereby familiarizing themselves with the assessment process. Through these worksheets, students can develop essential skills in evaluating and providing constructive feedback on performances. By actively participating in the assessment process, students gain insights into the criteria used for evaluating performance and enhance their ability to critically analyze and assess their own work as well as that of their peers. These worksheets aim to empower students by equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate and succeed in performance-based assessments.

Goal Setting

This is a simple worksheet that can be used to help students consider why they are learning English and the goals to be accomplished.