Sara Davila Headshot
Sara Davila, SME, English Language Teaching and Learning

 I’ve been lucky enough to find myself in the field of   English language teaching and learning for over   twenty years. Starting out in Chicago with   AmeriCorps, I could never have imagined living   abroad for a decade, teaching internationally   nonstop.

I started my career as a committed volunteer and continue to live and breathe the principles of “getting things done,” even when passion is the only resource.

I’m a subject matter expert (SME) in English language education policy and education development initiatives. I work with teams to actively support implementation of modernized curriculum to improve the impact of education in the 21st century and beyond.

My work often includes the application of expertise in English language assessment, pedagogical applications, curriculum development planning and management, staff and faculty training and development, and objective and standards informed education.

You’ll also frequently find me discussing 21st century skills, learning progress and technology informed education.