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Tourism Role Play

This is a tourism role play designed for intermediate or advanced EFL/ESL learners. In the role play students work to exchange and collect information to find a city that would be appropriate as a tourist destination. This activity includes information about specific cities in Korea for use with Korean learners to develop learner identity in the language classroom.

Begin by dividing the class into tourists and travel agents. Travel agents can work alone or in pairs. Tourists visit different agencies and ask questions about the agencies special city tour packages.

After interviewing at least three places the tourists then decide where to go and why. Following the role play tourists can switch roles and become agents for additional practice.

Once all students have completed the role play a follow up can include writing one paragraph ab out a dream trip, researching travel destinations, or a discussion about past tours.

For more advanced classes teachers can have students prepare the tour information before the class to be used in the tourism role play in this class.

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