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Write a Movie Review with Model Text and Procedure

I just finished a great teacher training in the city of Daegu with some really great teachers. One in particular, Jerry Park, put together a really nice lesson using an authentic model text to teach learners how to write a movie review of their own.

This lesson has a great, natural, context, is relevant to learners, and uses an authentic model text with model text analysis activities to help guide learners to understand the construction of  a text before writing. This worksheet continues with a brainstorming organizer to have students write there own movie review.

The authentic text here is based on an IMBD movie review that has been modified somewhat for use. The procedure is a general one explaining the process of using model text analysis to aid learners in writing.

This lesson plan and worksheet incorporates both model text and writing process for learners, including a peer content review. This writing activity would be appropriate for high beginner or intermediate level ESL/EFL learners. As this lesson was designed in the Korean context the movie features is the international Korean hit, The Thieves, from 2012. I’ll be putting up a few more of these with other international movies.

Thanks Jerry, I hope you like what I did with your lesson.

Movie Review Model Text Worksheet

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Model Text Analysis Writing Lesson Plan Procedure

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