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The “REAL” Kermit the Frog: Authentic Text

I’ve been seeing a lot of interesting new discoveries, plant, animal, mineral, and universal in the news. I find these kinds of new discoveries fascinating. As I was looking through a few articles I realized some would make great reading lesson plans for ELL/EFL learners who were trying to improve their academic vocabulary in a subject of interest. With this in mind, I’ve selected a series of authentic readings from the news (sources included in the worksheets) that would make good 1-off 50 minute lessons, or be an interesting start or end to reading in the subject area.

These worksheets use authentic text so they are not leveled to a specific language level, however with the use of the lesson plan I feel these could be accessible to any learner who is into the A2 stage of learning (high beginner, low intermediate) and beyond. Take a look and see what you think.

Each reading plan follows a Pre-During-Post, or PDP reading format. I’ve included a variety of options to help teachers plan to pre-teach vocabulary for learners with tips on how to select vocabulary for your students. Additionally information is provided to structure the during tasks in a Skim, Scan, Read approach to help improve reading skills while building learner comprehension. Following information is included in the plans to help structure post activities for learners. Post activities include discussion or research, so check the worksheet to see which information you need.


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Lesson Plan

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