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Chores Creative Thinking Lotus Blossom

This is a series of classroom activities designed to improve communication while developing creative thinking.

Creative thinking techniques encourage students to think in new and interesting ways to solve problems and address a variety of situations. These creative thinking techniques can help your learners find new ways in which to use or review language.

This activity is designed for beginner or elementary level students. It deals with describing want to do and don’t want to do in the context of chores or routine activities.

The approach used in this lesson is called the Lotus Blossom Approach. The Lotus Blossom Approach asks the thinker to begin with a single idea and then to branch out from that idea by adding more and more elements. This is accomplished in the classroom with the use of materials like post-it notes. If you do not have post-it you can reproduce the effect by using color squares of paper and tape.


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