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Rubrics, Assessment and the Global Scale of English

scaleI’m working on a series of teacher’s resource type blog on how teachers can use the free Global Scale of English tools in their classroom. The thing I like best about the GSE is that it’s free and teachers can do whatever they want with it. My kind of resource.


In this blog post I discuss creating rubrics, how to use rubrics to assess performance in the classroom, and then how to use the GSE to create externally validated rubrics for improved
insight into level of learner performance. All taking advantage of the free resources available to teachers. Have a look!

“A rubric is a pretty basic tool that a teacher uses to assess performance … but where does the GSE fit into all of this? For me, the most obvious place is in helping to define performance and create descriptors. As the GSE largely describes the use and application around the four English skills  without providing a specific context. This makes it a great place to start for understanding the performance I want to see in my classroom. Rather than the coursebook deciding, or my using my general sense of performance, the GSE gives me a clear indication of the difference in performance at different points along a learner’s learning journey aligned to a specific stops along the CEFR scale.”