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Report Writing with Sources Amazon Rainforest Model Text

I’m still working to create these model text analysis worksheet designed for EFL/ESL students who are also working on developing writing skills.

This process lesson looks at a short report style writing that uses information from sources. In the report learners can explore how information from sources can be organized to present information about a specific place. In this report learners examine the amazon rainforest and problems currently happening in the area.

This analysis includes examination of the way information is presented and asks learners to think about how the information is collected and reported. A graphic organizer is included for students to organize ideas and prepare for their own research to create a report about a place. General information is provided for a peer review, moving this lesson into a writing process lesson after the analysis.

I’ve included the general Writing Model Text Analysis procedure lesson plan which can be adapted to this writing lesson. This lesson would be appropriate for high beginner, intermediate or advanced EFL/ESL students interested in improving their writing.

Amazon Rainforest Report  and Write Model Text Worksheet

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Model Text Analysis Writing Lesson Plan Procedure

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