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Video Prompt: Ryan vs Dorkman

I do a lot of work presenting on how to use videos in the classroom. One area where we tend to struggle with videos is that the process becomes passive where students only watch the video without any interaction. In an EFL/ESL classroom this is a real struggle as it limits the ability for learners to actually communicate with the language they are using.

I talk about how to use videos to make communicative language classroom environments and I thought it might be helpful to put together some information on how to do this with lesson plans and worksheets.

The following are lesson plans and worksheets to use a video prompt as a creative writing jump off point. Details are explained thoroughly in the lesson which includes the writing process (Brainstorm, Organize, Write, Correct, Publish) as well as an exploration of how the writing process moves through the ECRIF stages.

Take a look. Links to the video are on the worksheet.

My favorite thing about this video prompt it that it combines elements of Star Wars in a fun writing activity.

Lesson Plan

Download (PDF, Unknown)


Download (PDF, Unknown)