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Reverse Brainstorming: I like soccer, but I DON’T like it when…

This is a series of classroom activities designed to improve communication while developing creative thinking.

Creative thinking techniques encourage students to think in new and interesting ways to solve problems and address a variety of situations. These creative thinking techniques can help your learners find new ways in which to use or review language.

The approach used in this lesson is called the Reverse Brainstorming. Reverse brainstorming has learners think about the opposite of things related to a given topic. For example if students are asked to brainstorm about school they may list things like teachers, friends, classes. In a reverse brainstorm they would list, playing, being with friends, watching t.v., items that are the reverse of school. The idea is to go in an opposite direction with a known topic. I think you will find this can inspire a lot of creativity in the classroom.

To structure this I have included a detailed how to for using reverse brainstorming with examples, and a worksheet to structure the discussion.

This reverse brainstorming activity is about activities students like. Students are asked to think about what may make them dislike doing the activity. For example, students may enjoy playing soccer, but they would dislike playing soccer alone, in the rain, or when they have a test the next day.

How To:

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Download (PDF, Unknown)