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I was thinking about teaching writing this weekend, specifically writing in interaction. While as teachers we spend a lot of time on productive writing (writing a paragraph, writing an essay, writing a story) or writing to learn (taking notes, finishing something, writing to remember) we often leave writing to interact left untouched. Outside of letter writing and occasionally the email, it is not a subject we tend to focus on.

This makes a certain amount of sense, yet when more and more of our communication is written communication through chat, text, and messages, it makes sense that English language teachers should take some time to look at writing to interact.

To that end I had an idea for a writing lesson where learners would have to use text messages to reach a consensus about weekend plans. Having myself planned weekend activities entirely on my phone, I think this will be an engaging and relevant activity for learners.

This is a very simple lesson plan:

Objective: SWABT reach a consensus about what to do on the weekend by engaging in a n ongoing text message conversation explaining desired plans and providing reasons why the plans are a good choice for everyone.

This worksheet is a self contained lesson. Enjoy!


Download (PDF, Unknown)