Beginner Reading Comprehension

Mapping the Content of Languages on the Internet with Lesson Idea

I love teaching language, language learning, and being in a language related field. Sometimes the research that gets done at my current company really surprises the pants off me. Here is a great example, a geographic breakdown of how language is used on the internet.

Map of Language Infographic

Aside from the fact that this is absolutely fascinating in it’s own right, I could see a couple of different lesson plan ideas, but I love this as a potential reading lesson.

My basic lesson outline would be as follows:

Objective: Describe and create Memes


  1. List the various countries from the map on the board. Ask Ss to place a percentage next to each to describe how often the language is used on the internet?
  2. Elicit: What is a Meme?
  3. Elicit: What is Twitter? Facebook? Myspace? (Country specific social media site, like Cydor)
  4. Elicit: What is a Meme?
  5. Reading 1: Read the following about memes? Pass out as a handout (see attached)
    Ask comprehension check questions about the reading.
  6. Return to original presentation, tell Ss they will read and check answers.
  7. Pass out a copy of the Infographic.
  8. Have Ss read and check. Elicit and share guesses as a class.
  9. Finish by having Ss make some memes of their own.

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