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Creative Writing: My Dreams of Being a Hero

I developed these creative writing worksheets a while ago. These do not include a bubble organizers, but still work well with the writing process plan when done well. I’d recommend having your learners choose one picture or the other, or if they want a challenge they could do both pictures.

A couple of set ups include:

Write one story with a group. Write one story alone.

Write two groups stories.

Write the beginning of each story with a group. Finish alone.

The possibilities are endless, really. These are designed for EFL/ESL writers. This includes writing bars to help younger learners improved writing, however teachers could easily have students finish on a seprete sheet of paper. While this are designed for EFL classrooms these worksheets would be useful for any teacher working on creative writing with students.

The lesson plan procedure incorporate elements of ECRIF (encounter, clarify, remember, internalize and fluency) as it is related to Process writing (Plan, Organize, Write, Correct, Publish). The steps are both are aligned in the stage aim of the lesson to help teachers see how this the writing process can be scaffolded and modeled to support learner writing and internalization and fluency of writing skills.

Good luck with these and enjoy.

Lesson Plan

Download (PDF, Unknown)


Download (PDF, Unknown)