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Tasked Based Lesson Plans: Introductions

I work a lot on training teachers, and a lot of talk with training is devoted to tasked based learning and communication. At the same time I do a lot of work with the PPP framework or the ECRIF framework for teaching communication. The different here being that PPP is a framework for teacher planning lessons, and ECRIF is a framework for student learning that tells us what learners are learning in a lesson and when.

Having done a bit of research, I’m actually rather shocked by the lack of TBL lesson plans that use either the TBL framework presented by Willis (Pre-task, During Task, Post Task) or lessons that incorporate aspects of PPP or ECRIF. In my own way, I am presenting these lesson to help teachers understand how these frameworks work together, while also providing some high quality teachable plans that utilize my personal philosophy of low-budget, student centered learning. These plans are each leveled and include materials for teachers, or reference materials I have here on the site.

Download, enjoy and share.

Lesson: Introductions   EFL/ESL beginners (false beginners)

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