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Unusual Animals: The Sunda Lemur Reading Comprehension

These worksheets are designed for reading comprehension for EFL/ESL classrooms. While generally written for high to intermediate level learners, these worksheets would also make good reading comprehension activities for any teacher interested in non-fiction reading. Each non-fiction reading contains information about an unusual animal, designed to engage interest in world wild life. Due to the nature of the species introduced in the readings, many of these animals are also endangered. Thus, the worksheets may also be useful as reading supplements in social studies or global awareness classes.

Each reading is designed to present basic information about the species included lifestyles, descriptions of appearance, and habitat. Additional information of interest is included when relevant.

These reading comprehension worksheets encourage learners to organize information from the reading into simple webbings or graphs. Rather than reading and answer questions, learners are asked to process and categorize information without the aid of leading or guiding questions. This can help improved comprehension and critical thinking by allowing the learner to determine the most useful information, rather than guiding the learner to specific conclusions.

Each worksheet contains follow up activities that can be used as discussion questions in the classroom.

For each worksheet, I’ve included a simple reading lesson plan for teachers who may use these as reading activities in EFL/ESL classrooms. These lesson plans would also be useful for teachers working on improving reading skills like: skimming, scanning, and reading.

Each reading plan follows a Pre-During-Post, or PDP reading format. I’ve included a variety of options to help teachers plan to pre-teach vocabulary for learners with tips on how to select vocabulary for your students. Additionally information is provided to structure the during tasks in a Skim, Scan, Read approach to help improve reading skills while building learner comprehension. Following information is included in the plans to help structure post activities for learners. Post activities include discussion or research, so check the worksheet to see which information you need.

Let me know if you enjoy these, I look forward to posting more.

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Lesson Plan

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