Advanced News Writing

Creating An Essay with Two Sides of the Argument

This is a lesson from a recent class I taught. It’s based on New Advanced Headway 3 and includes the materials that I adapted from the series.

This is a writing lesson, which includes the writing lesson plan, to help upper intermediate level learners construct an essay that presents to sides to an argument. This writing lesson includes a model text with model text  processing to recognize both the pros and cons presented in the argument, the language used to present agreement and disagreement in an argument, and the structure of presentation in an essay form.

The procedure is included as well as the handouts which include a model text and a worksheet for learners to rewrite sentences using transitions that express either a contrasting opinion, a reason, or a result.


This lesson includes all four skills but heavily uses speaking and writing and includes writing process for learners with editing and proofing instructions for teachers to put on the board.


Download (PDF, Unknown)