Beginner Creative Thinking Lesson Plan News Speaking Young Learner

Greetings Hello Idea Box Creative Thinking

This is a series of classroom activities designed to improve communication while developing creative thinking.

Creative thinking techniques encourage students to think in new and interesting ways to solve problems and address a variety of situations. These creative thinking techniques can help your learners find new ways in which to use or review language.

This activity is designed for beginner level or young learner students. It deals with vocabulary related to greetings and introductions. Here students use multiple combinations of greeting language to make introduction statements for different times of day. This breathes new life into the start of the semester, or start of the year, “Hello, my name is…?” Lesson.

The approach used in this lesson is called the Idea Box. The idea box presents a series of idea in a variety of categories and has the learner organize that information to create new avenues of communication.  This provides more creative communication by encouraging students to incorporate new and different ideas into their spoken communication.


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