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EPIK Spring 2012 First day of Class

Are you teaching tomorrow? Are you worried about what to teach? Here are the lessons I teach on the first day of class.I keep mentioning these plans. As you get ready for your first classes, take a look at how I set myself up for success with these lessons. They are some of my favorite lessons.


Good and Bad Behavior Reading Dictation


Classroom Rules Activities

General Ed (Elementary Through University)

Use with a T chart. Have Ss organize the pictures into Okay and Not Okay, then they write the rules to keep things that are not okay from happening. I elicit their rules and organize them into my five rules.


Sara’s Rules Posters


Sara’s Paper on Classroom Management Including Rules


Short Article on Rules for Young Learner Classes


Rules Refresher Trivia Game (Good for the beginning of second semester)


High School and University


Student Goal Setting Activity


Classroom English Reading Dictation


May I Have Requesting Language Bingo Game


Assessment Activities

Assessment Team Bingo General (Elementary through University)


Assessment Chart Organizer General (Elementary through University)



Assessment Advanced (High School through University)


Good luck, have a great year.