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English Central Classroom Books Coming Soon

I made a New Year’s resolution. My resolution was to post at least one new activity a week to my website.

Sadly, I have not been able to do that just yet. The good news is, I am going to make it up to you next week by posting for 14 straight days to bring you all the goodie activities you have missed out on.

The even better news is I have just finished writing two books, the first two books of a two level series that will eventually have three whole books. The series is for EnglishCentral ( and the books are written by me.

There will be two levels. A practical level that matches the normal course book series for beginner university level students, and a pro level that has a more academic focus and is appropriate for per-intermediate level students. All that writing is why I haven’t been posting my activities, but we are almost done.

The books focus on utilizing the videos from EnglishCentral as a fun engaging way to have dynamic classroom discussions and conversations. A dash of co-operative learning and a helping of task based material will make these coursebooks super useful for students interested in truly improving English communication. Add to that the the EnglishCentral site is designed to help students improve vocabulary retention and pronunciation, and I think you have the coursebook of the future.

And as soon as the books roll into hands of teachers for the beta run, I’m going to catch up on my New Year’s resolution.

The full launch, and all six books, will be premiering at KOTESOL 2012. If you would be interested in bringing this series to your school, please contact me directly through the contact link on my site.