Information Gap Intermediate News Role Play TBL Activities

My Hobby Role Play Info Gap

These are information gap role plays designed for high beginner or intermediate level EFL/ESL students.

To use this information gap role play have students fold the gap in the middle of the page. Students can make notes during or after the information gap role play. This information gap woks with vocabulary related to hobbies.

Students will learn several hobbies, look at how the hobbies are learned, and discuss interests their character has related to the hobby. Have students read the information and perform the play without creating a script.

After the information gap role play students record details to recall what happened. Teachers can print this page front and back to give students an opportunity to take on both parts of the role play.

A scaffolded model dialogue page is provided and can be used at teacher discretion for differentiated instruction and to support learners.

Download (PDF, Unknown)