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Ways to Conserve Habitat

This is an English for Specific Purposes activity designed for pre-intermediate or intermediate EFL/ESL learners.

This activity asks students to consider content related to endangered species and is appropriate for a biology classroom, or a classroom where students are learning geography.

In this activity students are presented with a number of animal and animal types that may be familiar.

Alone or as a team students work to organize the animals into a chart that includes different types of habitat. When the group finishes students can add additional animals they are familiar with and what habitat those animals can be found in.

As a follow up to this activity have students research the types of habitat and the environmental dangers those areas face. Students then decide what they can do as a group to help raise awareness about habitat conservation.

This had lead to very interesting poster campaigns, fund raising for wild life foundations, and letter writing campaigns from students.

This activity pairs well with the Habitats Jigsaw reading activity.

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