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Animal Habitat Reading Jigsaw

This is a jigsaw reading activity for intermediate or upper-intermediate EFL/ESL students. This is an English for Specific Purposes activity focused on understanding the environment and endangered species.

In this activity the teacher begins with at least 4 groups. It is possible to have 8 groups with where four have interaction. Each group receives a paragraph from the reading. Students are asked to read and remember the information.

After a few minutes to remember information in the reading,  have students make a new group of four. Each group takes turns relating information about their paragraph.  When finished have groups jigsaw again. After the second jigsaw have students return to their home groups and share what they learned from others during the lesson.

This activity can be followed up with a presentation on animal habitat, or comprehension questions on the board.

This activity can be easily paired with the Animals and Habitats organization activity.

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