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Sneaker Drawing Information Gap

These information gap activities are designed for intermediate EFL/ESL students to practice communicating information.

This information gap is designed to help learners practice with vocabulary related to description.

While completing this information gap students communicate to partners a design for the perfect futuristic sneaker. The speaker decides what the sneaker will look like and what additional accessories the sneaker will have.

The listening partner draws the sneaker using information communicated by the partner. In this scaffolded information gap the listening/drawing student has a series of questions to ask the speaker to improve the drawing and add details.

This improves the communication of detailed information. Once the sneaker drawing is finished for the first partner, students change roles and the listening/drawing student becomes the new speaker.

When finished both students will have a picture of a perfect sneaker drawn by a friend. This activity can be made more interesting by using a blind.

Have the drawing student hide the drawing from the friend and only reveal the sneaker when the drawing is finished.

This can be great fun for students. Follow up this activity by having students write a short paragraph describing the benefits of their sneaker design. Students can then present the sneakers to their small group or the class as time permits.

Reduce printing by putting the questions up on a projector or white board to make this a low budget, low prep activity.

This activity can be paired with the History of Sneakers reading dictation as either a preview or wrap up.

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