Advanced Assessment Foundation News Writing

Good Bad Writing Sample Advanced Foundation

This activity is designed for advanced EFL/ESL learners. This activity helps students understand the process of assessment by the teacher by placing students in the role of the teacher.

This activity also helps students understand and use a grading rubric to assess student performance in the classroom. I consider this material part of my foundation collection, as understanding appropriate assessment is an important foundation stone for any classroom.

This is a reading dictation style activity. Students take turns reading the different writing samples and writing in the notebook. As students work or after reading all the scripts student discuss the writing and use the grading rubric to determine if the writing was good or bad, and to provide detailed information for the grade.

This is an excellent way to make students more aware how the teacher approaches writing grades in the classroom. In a regular school year I would use this activity at least once each semester to remind students about assessment and rubrics.

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