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Particpation Rubric for Hetrogenous Classrooms

Here are tools for teachers that can easily be adapted for classroom use. When possible I’ve included the .pdf for you to preview and a document file that you can download and personalize for  classroom needs.

This is a rubric designed to provide details on what a grading scale or score means based on certain participation standards. This rubric is designed for communicative classrooms that are heterogeneous, where students may demonstrate a wide range of levels of ability.

Here the teacher looks at participation in general not in level of ability.

This rubric does not assess for Excellence in quality of English, but rather looks specifically in excellence of use of English the learner knows, regardless of level of ability.

For example if a beginner is using the English knowledge to the best of their ability in an activity they would receive a four. The same would apply to an advanced learner speaking at a higher level. It is possible to have beginner students who participate more outperform an advanced learner who does not participate.

This rubric looks for demonstration of student participation in these areas: participation in speaking and communicative activities, speaking in class discussions, answering questions, demonstrating responsibility for the students own learning, keeping a collection portfolio or notebook, and completing daily writing tasks.

This rubric is designed to be used on a daily basis for classroom assessment.

Download (DOC, 7KB)