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The Hamburger is from Germany Reading Dictation

These activities are designed to help EFL/ESL learners in the classroom improve reading and reading comprehension while using all four language skills. This activity provides students with a short paragraphs about the origins of different popular foods. This is a reading dictation activity.

In this activity, with a group of four students, one student takes the turn as the reader, and the three other students in the group listen and write what they hear. Students can stop the reader and ask clarifying questions using the classroom language question card as a guide. One student can read the entire story, or students can take turns.

Students continue until all the paragraphs have been written into a notebook, building on all four skills at the same time. As a follow up to this activity I have students create a map of the world. In the class or as homework I ask the students to research the origins of different foods. Once found students mark the map to show where the foods are from.

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