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Jobs and Job Skills One Card

This is a card game based around using job vocabulary and the skills related to jobs for intermediate or upper-intermediate EFL/ESL learners. This game is presented in the form of Uno or One Card.

To use these cards create a deck. One deck is useful for a group of four students. In the group of four each student takes five cards to make a hand. The remaining cards make the deck and are turned upside down.

One card is turned over next to the deck. This is the discard pile.

To move a card from the hand into the pile the student who is taking a turn must make a connection with the card in the pile and the card in hand.

For example if the facing card is teacher the student could place the speaks good English card in the pile by saying: A teacher speaks good English.

The next student could play a works hard card saying: A teacher speaks good English and works very hard.

For example:

A: A teacher speaks good English.
B: A teacher speaks good English and works hard.
C: A teacher works hard and a Scientist works hard.

This is a high level activity for intermediate students. It requires students have enough knowledge to make clear connections.

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