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Global Awareness Connections One Card Game

This is an English for Specific Purposes activity designed around raising student awareness of the world and how we interact with the world.

This activity is designed as a game in which students interact with rules similar to Uno or One Card. To use these cards create a deck.

One deck is useful for a group of four students. In the group of four each student takes five cards to make a hand. The remaining cards make the deck and are turned upside down. One card is turned over next to the deck. This is the discard pile.

To move a card from the hand into the pile the student who is taking a turn must make a connection with the card in the pile and the card in hand.

For example if the facing card is manatees in the ocean the student could place the buffalo card in the pile by saying: Manatees and Buffalo are endangered animals.

The next student could play a food card saying: Buffalo and people eat food.

Students continue in this pattern.

This is a high level activity for advanced students. As a pre-requisite to the activity students should already have some understanding of the world around them and be ready to make complex connections.

Download (PDF, Unknown)