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Fish Tale Parable Reading Information Gap

These information gap activities are designed for beginner to pre-intermediate EFL/ESL students to practice scaffolded exchange of information. These information gaps are reading gap style information gaps.

To complete this information gap all four paragraphs are cut up. Each students receives one. In a group of four, each student takes turns reading one sentence at a time. As students read students fill in the gaps with information from one of the other students in the team.

In order to successfully complete all the gaps in the reading students must share together. The completed information gap is posted in three areas in the room. When finished the group is asked to go and check their work with the original copy.

This reading information gap is based on the tale of the fisherman and his wife. To follow up the information gap I ask students to answer reading comprehension questions write on the board. An additional follow up activity is to have students as a group write their own parable type story or to retell a parable type story from their own culture and tradition.

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Download (PDF, Unknown)