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Understanding Classroom Behavior Cards Foundation Activity

These activities are designed to help EFL/ESL learners in the classroom understand the rules and appropriate behavior in the classroom. This activity is designed for all level of EFL/ESL learner as it is based on the use of pictures.

I consider this material part of my foundation collection, as understanding appropriate and acceptable behavior is an important foundation stone for any classroom.

This activity provides students with pictures of different student interactions.

In groups I tell students they will be the teacher. The pictures represent their students. For each picture the group discusses what is seen and if the behavior is good or bad. For beginner students I have the students sort the pictures into two columns.

For high beginner students I ask for a written  description of the picture.

With intermediate to advanced level students I ask for a reason why the behavior is good or bad.

As a follow up to the activity the class review classroom rules and how the rules help students and the teacher have an enjoyable class time.

This activity is part of my classroom management strategy. You can learn more about my classroom management strategy in this paper.

In a regular school year I would use this activity at least once each semester to remind students about appropriate behavior and the rules.

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