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Understanding Assessment Foundation Activity

These activities are designed to help EFL/ESL learners in the classroom understand the process of assessment and how the student interactions in the classroom are scored.

I consider this material part of my foundation collection, as understanding how the teacher uses assessment is an important foundation stone for any classroom.

This activity asks students to take on the role of the teacher and assess student performance through observation.

There are three different set using similar pictures. An advanced set with no descriptions at all, in which students can create their own descriptions; an intermediate set with minimal descriptions of student work, and a beginner set with detailed descriptions of students.

In the beginner set adverbs of frequency are used to describe the student behavior to help students determine how often performance must occur to be assessed.

In a regular school year I would use this activity at least once each semester to remind students of what it is the teacher observes and assesses in the language classroom.

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