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Follow the Rules Foundation Activity

These activities are designed to help EFL/ESL learners in the classroom understand the rules and appropriate behavior in the classroom. This activity is designed for advanced students.

I consider this material part of my foundation collection, as understanding appropriate and acceptable behavior is an important foundation stone for any classroom.

This activity provides students with examples of good behavior, giving students a model to use when thinking about classroom behavior and interaction with other students. This is a running dictation activity.

This is a great four skills activity that incorporates reading comprehension with a task activity that has kinesthetic movement and interpersonal communication at the core.

Cut the paragraphs out as strips and place on the wall. Pair up students and have students go to the wall read the sentence and return to their sitting partner.

The sitting partner listens and writes the sentence as the running partner speaks. The running partner may need to run back to the sentence several times. Each paragraphs describes one of the rules that I use in my classroom.

These rules are Respect, Listen, Clean, Safe and Prepared. You can find out more about the rules I use for classroom management and information on classroom management in this paper.

In a regular school year I would use this activity at least once each semester to remind students about appropriate behavior and the rules.

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