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Shapes Requesting Card Game

This is an activity designed for high beginner or intermediate EFL/ESL students to practice with vocabulary related to shapes. This is presented in the form of a requesting style card game. These cards were originally designed with a backing print, however the cards do not need to be printed double sided (one side picture, one side the backing print). Print and cut all the cards in the file to make one deck of Shape cards. One deck of cards can then be used by a group of four students to play a requesting card game. Requesting Card Game/ Traditional Go Fish Style Rules for play To play the game have students shuffle the cards. Each student in the group takes five cards. One student goes first. The student says the name of another student in the group and asks the question. The named student responds in one of two ways: Has the card) Yes, I … Doesn’t have the card) No, I… If the responding student has the card, the card is given to the asking student, and the two matching cards as placed face up on the table. If the student does not have the card the asking student takes one card from the deck and the turn goes to the next student. Students play until all the cards are out of the hand, or until the deck is finished. In this game, it would sound like this: A: Alice, do you have a square? B: Sorry, I don’t have one. A: Oh. (takes a card). B: John, do you have a circle? C: Sure, here you go. (passes card to Alice. Alice puts two cards on the table). Once students are familiar with game play, I will often encourage students to make up new game rules or modify the rules for points and play to support student interest in language use and play. As a follow up activity I will have students practice asking for items with corresponding shapes from around the classroom.

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