Four Skills Intermediate News Reading Comprehension Running Dictation

How much is it? Running Dictation

This is a running dictation activity for beginning or pre-intermediate EFL/ESL learners. In this activity students will work with vocabulary  related to food and prices with dollars. This is a great four skills activity that incorporates reading comprehension with a task activity that has kinesthetic movement and interpersonal communication at the core. In this activity there are two different pairs. Pairs who read and write only the Hands sentences and pairs who read and write only the Flower sentences. When finished a team of four students will have 16 total sentences. Once all the sentences are collected students answer the questions on the Questions card. One follow up activity I particularly like with this activity is to have students make a grocery list with their favorite foods and write the costs of those foods on the list. Then in an interview students share with a partner.

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