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Sugar Cookies Running Dictation

This is a running dictation activity for pre-intermediate or upper intermediate EFL/ESL learners. This activity using English for Specific Purposes (ESP) specifically related to the use of numbers in fractions. In this activity students focus on the lexical sets for cooking and recipes, following directions, and ordinal numbers, and fractions. This is a great four skills activity that incorporates reading comprehension with a task activity that has kinesthetic movement and interpersonal communication at the core. Cut the recipe and instructions out as strips and place on the wall. Teachers may want to keep the ingredients together as only one block to avoid confusions with using the fractions in the recipe.  Pair up students and have students go to the wall read the sentence and return to their sitting partner. The sitting partner listens and writes the sentence as the running partner speaks. The running partner may need to run back to the sentence several times. If time or facilities are available teachers can also have students make the sugar cookies. Another follow up to this activity is to have students write a recipe for their favorite foods and share the recipe with a partner in an interview activity.

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