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Environmental Pollution Inductive Cards

This is an inductive activity designed around the use of English for Specific Purposes (ESP) with the theme of global awareness and environmental problems.  These cards can be used with beginner through advanced EFL/ESL learners, as the students will use language at their ability level to process the cards. For the best inductive activity sort the cards into two groups. One group represents the main idea of the topic. The other group provides information that supports the main idea but is in some way opposite. Here the main idea is that many parts of our environment are unsafe or polluted because of waste. The opposite set highlights actions that can be taken to prevent further pollution and destruction. As you pass out the cards have students look at the cards and determine what is the same about all the cards the represent the main idea. With this activity there are a number of follow up activities including creating environmental awareness posters, writing letters to organizations to promote going green, weekend community clean up groups, and school wide recycling improvement are a few of the ways to apply this activity to real life.

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