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I have been teaching, researching, and learning in the language classroom since the early 2000’s. Over that time I have worked to put together a series of workshops, presentations, and information sessions to help other teachers with common classroom issues.

The following are presentations and workshops designed to enhance EFL/ESL classrooms in key areas, language production, instructional strategies and assessment. Please feel free to download this material and share it with others. The following materials and information are appropriate for anyone working with ELL or ESOL learners.

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Papers and Presentations: Word Files

Cooperative Group Strategies:

Using cooperative groups in the EFL classroom with cooperative group activities that work.

Classroom Management

Information on how to manage EFL classrooms in English only. Including creating of the rules, consequences, and point and reward systems, and general tips to help stop problems before they start.

Setting Rules in Young Learner EFL/ESL Classrooms

Through this article teachers can find some useful tips for creating and enforcing classroom rules in English language classrooms. This article focuses specifically on working with young learners.

Lesson Planning: Using PPP for Dynamic Lessons

Understanding the Present Practice Produce framework for organizing lesson. Includes a lesson plan template and advice on how to organize different methodologies (Task Based, Communicative, Multiple Intelligences) into the PPP framework.

Performance Assessment in Language Teaching

This serves as an introduction to developing a performance assessment program to support language learners in task based or group based EFL/ESL classrooms. This includes information on how to organize assessment tools and rubrics for report to students and parents. Based on my own personal experience with performance assessment and semester reports sent to 800 students over a two year period.

Communicative Strategies to Teach Reading and Writing

Learn how to teach reading and writing that will support EFL/ESL learners while encouraged reading and writing skills development. Strategies include tasks that encourage vocal and vibrant communication between learners while improving reading and writing skills.

Reading and Writing with Task Based Learning

This paper looks outlines task based strategies to improve reading and writing skills in general. Includes techniques for skimming and scanning, and group tasks for writing.

Low Budget Task Based Learning

An introduction to task based learning with a discussion for how to create low budget tasks for the classroom. Examines how to create task based learning activities around text and coursebooks required for use in the classroom.

Further Strategies for Task Based Learning (TBL)

This paper builds on previously introduces task based learning strategies and introduces teacher to six more strategies for using TBL in the EFL/ESL classroom. This includes activities for pairs, groups, and the whole class. With reflective tasks for EFL learners.


Power Points

Classroom Management

English Only

Lesson Planning: Using the PPP format for Dynamic Lessons

Low Budget TBL for Elementary School

Low Budget TBL for Middle and High School

Immersion Language Classrooms

Performance Assessment

Task Based Reading and Writing

Task Based Orientation for EPIK Teachers