Reverse Brainstorming – A Creative Thinking and Discussion Technique

Sometimes the best conversations are not about directly discussing something, but rather, expressing when you disagree, dislike, or can’t do something. The purpose of these reverse brainstorming activities is to drive conversation in EFL/ESL classrooms by thinking about familiar topics in a different way.

If you have ever been in the kitchen when someone is trying to cook your favorite food, you know how easy it is to be vocal about what is going wrong. The same is true when you have to dress up for a party when you’re rather be wearing your favorite sweater.

These tactics are designed to use creative thinking to drive deep, meaningful conversation, and hopefully, create raucous fun in the classroom.

These worksheets can be used with young and adult learners, and are suitable for a range of language ability. I’ve created a mix of beginner and more intermediate level worksheets. A How To is included to help you create a lesson plan to incorporate reverse brainstorming in your classroom.