Reading Comprehension Worksheets and Lesson Plans

This is a collection of reading comprehension, and reading related activities for the EFL/ESL/ELL classroom. These worksheets range from beginner through advanced with activities that include reading dictation, running dictation, and solo reading comprehension worksheets. Many of the reading comprehension worksheets include graphic organizers that encourage deeper reading skills.

I’ve also included the following lesson planning for teaching reading comprehension that will help move learners from Surface level reading through Deeper reading. This includes instructions for skimming, scanning, and reading with a single reading text for comprehensive practice of reading skills. Take a look towards the bottom for the Unusual Animal series. A collection of close to 30 worksheets that are non-fiction readings for Beginner and High Beginner EFL/ESL learners. These non-fiction readers would also be good in a general classroom with young readers as the content and writing style aligns with reading guidelines for common core.

Lesson Plan

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