Process Writing with a Video Prompt

Teachers are looking at ways to plan with youtube and video more frequently in the classroom. As technology continues to evolve this will only continue at a great rate. However, as a classroom teacher, I never enjoyed using video as I felt the process was too teacher centered. It doesn’t work well for listening, as we tend to ignore the action on the screen, which allows the video to distract from comprehension. Finally, it can be difficult to move towards communication with video as a focal point. I wanted to do more with video, and experimented with using Video as a prompt for writing. Using the ECRIF structure with video as a way to create context, and adding the best aspects of process writing, I think I have found a way to use video in the classroom that makes me as a teacher quite happy.

These video prompt worksheets, which include lesson plans, use videos that mostly do not contain any language. The story is told through the action. The goal here is to give the students only a taste of the story before stopping the video. At the stop point, students work with groups to plan, organize, and write the ending they imagine will occur.

I think teachers will find this a fun way to engage students in writing regardless of age or language ability. Some videos are better suited for older learners, each teacher should decided.

This set also includes some music videos as prompts. Clearly the music videos have words, however the goal would not be to teach the song, but instead, to have Ss use the feeling and emotions conveyed by the music as a writing prompt. I hope to work with more of the musical variety, but present this collected set for teachers to use.