I am a Curriculum Writer with 10 years experience in course development which includes: teaching programs to assess quality and develop new methods, researching and implementing current ideas and methodologies, promoting learner centered environments, and incorporating assessment practices to assess learner improvement and program success.

I also work as a teacher trainer and mentor with 6+ years experience: designing and writing training courses, delivering training courses, promoting leadership and growth for professionals.

My specialties include:

* Isolating program goals and objectives

* Developing programs to support learners and professionals

* Promoting student-centered learning using research based methodologies

* Organizing assessment for data and feedback on programs for future developments and improvements

* Promoting professional development and leadership


School of International Training (SIT), Affiliated Faculty/SIT TESOL Trainer, International Sites

July 2010-Present

Work closely in collaboration with a team of SIT faculty to organize SIT IP for course delivery at various global learning centers. Provide coaching and instruction to participants working to earn an SIT TESOL certificate including: one on one support, written feedback on various assignments, observation of practice teaching sessions, and leading team feedback session groups. Assessing participant performance based on SIT benchmarks. Communication and reporting of international site delivery with head office in Vermont.

Professor of English, January 2008-January 2010

Kyungil National University English Department, Daegu Korea

Leading task based conversation classes. Developing materials and collating research information for publication. Coaching peers in implementation of task based learning and performance assessment methods.

Curriculum Writer/Teacher, January 2006-2007

Kyungbook National University Middle School, Daegu Korea

Developed tasked based immersion language program for 1st – 3rd year middle school. Taught using developed methodology while data was collected and processed for research on task based learning and performance assessment.

Lead Curriculum Writer, September 2005-December 2005

Gyeonggi English Village, Paju Camp: Gyeonggi English Cultural Foundation, Suwon Korea

Worked with team to isolate and establish standards for an emerging language program. Developed curriculum for a multi-purpose dynamic public works English Village program. Developed and lead training for mangers, staff, and new teachers in program methodology and course implementation.

Program Manager, May 2004-September 2005

Gyeonggi English Village, Ansan Camp: Gyeonggi English Cultural Foundation, Si-Heung Korea

Managed curriculum development of five distinct programs. Organized development of curriculum standards, incorporating input from fifty teachers. Wrote methodology overview and developed training materials for intensive two week training; trained managers, staff and teachers. Responsible for teacher observation and evaluation. Coached new teachers in development of curriculum and program leadership.

Head Teacher, May 2002- May 2004

St. Paul Academy, Daegu Korea

Developed intensive reading and writing EFL program. Organized standardized assessment and feedback on performance. Collected and analyzed date for program improvement. Developed and lead training for new teachers.

Assistant Program Director, January 2002-May 2002

Jane Addams Hull House, Chicago USA

Assisted director by organizing proposed program, writing program overview for publication. Pitched program to local schools to recruit students and community organizations. Managed delivery of arts program for low-income families in the LeClaire community; organized and monitored undergraduate students as teacher/mentors.

Humanities Curriculum Integration/Mentor, August 2000- December 2001

Americorps Project Yes: Northwestern University Settlement House, Chicago USA

Tutor and Mentor for school-age (K-12) and Head Start program. Organized and developed technology curriculum for younger learners based on feedback from teachers and community leaders. Recruited and trained volunteers in implementing supportive computer assisted learning.

Humanities Curriculum Integration, January 2000-July 2000

Americorps Integrating Arts/Integrating Education: Northwestern University Settlement House, Chicago USA

Isolated standards and objectives from general curriculum to develop arts and music programming for specific content in five Chicago area schools. Incorporated Americorps volunteer standards and education benchmarks to develop after-school programs designed to improve learner understanding of math, science, history, and culture through the arts.

Research Projects

Student Assessment and Learning

Kyungbook National University Middle School, 2006-2007

A two-year study to determine quality of current assessment practices and the effect on long-term goal attainment. Results indicated that performance assessment implemented with long term quantitative assessment improved student understanding of strengths and weakness. Students were motivated to set personal goals for learning and development.

Case Study Task Based Learning Environments: A new alternative to the national curriculum

Kyungbook National University Middle School, 2006-07

In collaboration with Dr. Andrew Finch (KNU), Sally Seong (Shi-min H.S.) and Me-ai Lee (Gu-am M.S.)

A one year study to determine the effects of task based learning environments on acquisition of language. Results indicate significant learner retention in structured task based environments.

Education, Honors, and Certifications

M.Ed. Curriculum Design, Instructional Strategies and Assessment (Average 4.0)

Walden University, Bloomington, IN. Spring 2006

Coursework focused on development of curriculum using targeted instructional strategies (tasked based learning, differentiated instruction, problem based learning, cooperative learning) and assessment practices (student involved assessment, high risk test assessment, formative assessment, quantitative assessment).

Bachelor of Arts in the Humanities with Distinction

Shimer College, Waukegan, IL. 1999

Coursework involved reading numerous source works covering the body of western philosophy from the Greeks through modern existentialism and post modern theory. Coursework also included history of literature, music, art, and the natural and advanced sciences.

SIT Trainer of Teachers Certification

Experiential and Reflective Teaching Practices, Anticipated February 2010

Certificate focused on training teachers in reflective teaching practice to improve program delivery in EFL environments.

Harvard School of Education, Differentiated Instruction Certificate

45 Hour Differentiated Learning Techniques, December 2007

Certificate focused on the use of differentiated instruction for teaching lessons to learners of mixed ability.

Asian EFL Journal with Rod Ellis, TESOL Certification

120 Hour focused on Task Based Learning, December 2007

Certificate focused on using Task Based classroom instruction for maximum benefit of language communication.


Honors Certificate for Program Contribution, GECF 2005

Received for creation of new programs including family programs, weekend camp programs, day camp programs and exhibition style programs that contribute to immersion language learning practices.

Honors Certificate for Educational Program Development, GECF 2005

Received for management of Curriculum Development team project to produce excellence in immersion language programs.

National Youth Service Award 2000 and 2001

Received for contribution of 2000 volunteer hours in inner-city learning, including arts and music program development for at risk youth.

Professional Development and Training Sessions

National Institute for International Education Development

Teacher Training, November 2007, February 2008, August 2008, November 2008-February 2011

Consulting on, developing and lead training for new and returning teachers in assessment strategies, classroom management techniques, curriculum development, task-based learning, and co-planning; includes practicum sessions and feedback sessions target at teacher development.

Osan Global Learning Center

Practicum, July 2009

Lead workshop based training designed to demonstrate immersion language methodology through communicative task learning. Sessions included specific instruction in song and chant, TBL, and assessment.

TEFL-Children in association with Disney International, Shanghai Branch

Practicum, May 2009

Lead workshop based training in EFL teaching methodology in classroom management, lesson planning, and assessment with an emphasis on young learners.

TEFL-Children in association with Think-Big

Practicum, August 2008, January 2009

Lead workshop based training in Natural and Communicative methods for teachers in kindergarten aged classes.

Haany University in association with Arizona State University, TESOL Practicum

Practicum, August 2008, January-February 2009

Developed and lead structured practicum to help new teacher incorporate communicative language instruction into public school EFL programs.

Korea Teach And Learn in Korea (TALK)

TeacherTraining, August 2008

Developed and lead training for new teachers in the use of cooperative group and communicative strategies for reading and writing focused EFL classes.

Busan TESOL Practicum with Rod Ellis

TESOL Training, August 2008

Developed and lead training new and returning teachers in using multimedia language education and performance based assessment programs as part of a joint program on tasked based learning with Rod Ellis.

Daejon International Learning Center

Teacher Training, May 2008

Developed and lead training for new teachers in use of communicative language strategies, cooperative group work, and multimedia integration in content based EFL classrooms.

TTI International Language School

TESOL Training, March 2008

Developed and lead training for new and returning teachers in using multimedia language education and performance based assessment programs.

Curriculum Development, Freelance, and Consultation

Education Designers

Curriculum Development Consultation and Teacher Training, June- August 2008, February 2009-Present

Designed a content based program for specific materials matched to site timeline for three levels of language fluency. Trained teachers on curriculum pedagogy for immersion camp programs.

Daegu World School

Curriculum Writer, November-December 2007

Program and materials development for experiential exhibition style learning stations.

English Hunt: EFL/ESL Publisher

Curriculum Writer, 2004-2007

Wrote programs and materials for ESL education

Incheon English Village

Curriculum Writer, Teacher Training December 2005, February 2006

Organized team development of new curriculum. Developed and lead training in immersion language village methodology.


English Programs in Korea, Date: April 2009: Low Budget, No Budget, Task Based Learning

This paper discusses the method behind task based learning and how to implement TBL in EFL classrooms. The discussion expands to include reduced budget classrooms or learning in rural areas with limited availability of supplies and materials.

Teach and Learn Korea, Date: August 2008: Performance Assessment

This paper introduces quantitative performance assessment for EFL learner environments. Assessment strategies include how to monitor and track assessment in small and large group classrooms. Further discussion includes how to apply and modify assessment for various ages and learner outcomes. Finally a discussion of how to track, collate and use date gathered from assessment to improve student performance and general instruction is included.

How do we Co-Teach, Date: July 2007: More Strategies for the Task Based Classroom

This paper reviews task based learning methodology and introduces further strategies for promoting direct peer to peer interaction in EFL classrooms.

English Programs in Korea, Date: August 2006: Task Based Materials for Interactive Communication

This paper discusses the difficulties of direct peer to peer communication in EFL classroom environments, particularly large group environments. An introduction to task based learning method is described and easy to use strategies are presented.

Papers and Presentations

Title: Low Budget, No Budget, Tasked Based Learning and Assessment

A ninety minute workshop style lecture on the use of task based strategies for any classroom. Includes information on quick to implement performance based assessment.

Kyungbook National University, Guest Lecturer , Daegu, April 2009

Title: Reading and Writing Strategies Teaching

A fifty minutes workshop style lecture on the use of task based reading strategies to improve learner reading and writing skills.

Suncheon National University, Invited Speaker, Suncheon, October 2008

Title: Formative Assessment for Public School Teachers

A ninety minute lecture on the use of formative assessment in large group classrooms, including analyzing data, and recording information.

KOTESOL Master Teaching Skills Conference, Guest Lecturer, Cheonju, September 2008

KOTESOL International Conference, Guest Lecturer, Seoul, October 2007

Plenary Speaker, Assessment Conference, Daejon, September 2007

KATE National Conference, Seoul, July 2007

KOTESOL National Conference, Guest Lecturer, Daegu, June 2007

CALL SIG, Guest Lecturer, Chenon-Asan, November 2006

Daegu Metropolitan Public School Teachers, Daegu July 2006

Title: Classroom Management

A ninety minute lecture and workshop on management techniques for immersion language classrooms.

KOTESOL International Conference, Invited Speaker, Seoul October 2006

KOTESOL Guest Lecturer, Daegu September 2006

Title: The Immersion Classroom

A fifty minute lecture on development of immersion language classrooms and strategies for effective learning in immersion environments.

English 2005 Expo, Coex Mall, Seoul, Korea December 2005

KOTESOL Symposium, Daejon, Korea September, 2005

Title: Special Needs Inclusion

A fifty minute lecture on developing curriculum for students with special learning needs (autistic, blind, mentally impaired) and incorporating students into second language classrooms.

KOTESOL International Conference, Guest Lecturer, Seoul, October 2007

KOTESOL National Conference, Guest Lecturer, Daegu, June 2007

Title: Cooperative Group Strategies

A fifty minute lecture on the use of cooperative groups in the classroom to promote effective student participation and communication.

Pan-Asia TEFL Conference, Kuala Lumpur, June 2007

KOTESOL International Conference, Gwangju May 2006

KOTESOL International Conference, Daegu, Korea July, 2005

Skills and Interests

* MsWord, Excel, Power Point, FrontPage, and Publisher, Skype, MSN

* Web Management including: Moodle, XML, CSS, HTML, Server Side Script, comfortable with CPanel, SQL and PHP database platforms

* Play piano and flute, popular as a sit in musician with local bands

* Artist focused on abstract art using acrylic, water color, and found media

* Writer of fiction, comedy pieces, and true life travel adventures

Professional Affiliations

Trainer: Korean Teacher Trainers, 2005-present

Member: Association for Supervision of Curriculum Development, 2007-present

Member: National Council of Teachers of English, 2007-present

Member: Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, 2004-present

Member: Korean Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, 2003-present