Reading Dictation

  • Good Behavior Reading Dictation
    These activities are designed to help EFL/ESL learners in the classroom understand the rules and appropriate behavior in the classroom. This activity is designed at two levels. This can be used in leveled classes, or  differentiated in a single class. However this is appropriate for most levels of ELL learner where classroom behavior is a ...
  • Children’s Rights Reading Dictation
    These activities are designed to help EFL/ESL learners talk about their world. This activity is designed for intermediate or advanced learners as it focuses on improving discussion in a specific context. This is an English for Specific Purposes (ESP) activity focused on understanding the role of children’s rights. This is a global awareness activity. This ...
  • My Accident Reading Dictation
    Reading dictation practices all four skills and provides natural scaffolding for mixed ability learners. #esl #dictation
  • Jobs Riddles Reading Dictation
    Reading and #riddles about different types of jobs. #criticalthinking and lots of fun for your #ells #esl #efl learners
  • I Need Shoes Reading Dictation
    Practice cardinal numbers and read about shoes. #reading #efl
  • The Hamburger is from Germany Reading Dictation
    Our food often has a more complicated history than we know. Read more with this #dictation activity for #esl learners
  • English Practice Workbook 3 for Young Learners
    This is a workbook designed for young or beginning EFL/ESL learners that focuses on building skills related to reading and writing. This book uses a number of frequent sight words from the Dolch Sight Words list. These books are designed to improve phonetic awareness, character recognition and writing skills. This is a 36 page workbook. ...
  • History of Sneakers Reading Dictation
    These information gap activities are designed for upper-intermediate or advanced EFL/ESL students to practice scaffolded exchange of information. These information gaps are reading gap style information gaps. To complete this information gap all four paragraphs are cut up. Each students receives one. In a group of four, each student takes turns reading one sentence at ...