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Rewarding Innovative Teaching: The Pearson ELT Teacher Award

In 1999, I had no idea I was about to start a life-long career in education. Having just left the Chicago Symphony Orchestra where I worked to raise funds from donors, I was really unsure of what to do with my life. While the CSO was interesting, I knew that I hated phone work making […]

Rubrics, Assessment and the Global Scale of English

I’m working on a series of teacher’s resource type blog on how teachers can use the free Global Scale of English tools in their classroom. The thing I like best about the GSE is that it’s free and teachers can do whatever they want with it. My kind of resource.   In this blog post […]

Planning Outcomes Based Content

I’ve been on a roll lately writing about how to plan and prepare outcomes based content using the Global Scale of English descriptors. For me, the value of the GSE descriptors is not that they demonstrate linear progression or try to prescribe learning (they don’t, note even close) it’s that they exist at all as […]

Global Scale of English for Academic Purposes: Granular Insight into the CEFR

I really don’t know how this managed to get missed on my personal page, since I’ve been living and breathing this for the last year. In fact, this particular project is why I was in Korea. What I’m talking about is the Global Scale of English, or what I think of as the GSE for […]

21st Century Skills in the English Language Classroom

Have you ever been curious what it is like to be in a conference session or classroom with me? Do you have an hour and would like to learn more about 21st Century skills? Well, I have a fun present for you. I had a chance to be a part of the Pearson ELT Webinar […]