Tourism Role Play

This is a tourism role play designed for intermediate or advanced EFL/ESL learners. In the role play students work to exchange and collect information to find a city that would be appropriate as a tourist destination. This activity includes information about specific cities in Korea for use with Korean learners to develop learner identity in […]

My Alibi Past Continous Info Gap and Interview

This is an information gap and interview activity designed for beginner or intermediate EFL/ESL students. With some adjustments it would also be suitable for more advanced classes with languages learners. This communicative activity focuses on using the past continuous tense. In the activity begin by introducing students to the grammar form with some discussion of […]

What will you do this summer? Interview List

This is a grammar activity for pre-intermediate EFL/ESL learners. The goal of this activity is for students to exchange information about where they will go during Summer vacation with a partner. This worksheet includes selections to support students in making summer vacation choices. Before the students complete the interview teachers can review the scaffolding page […]

Speaking Rubric for Performance Assessment

Here are tools for teachers that can easily be adapted for classroom use. When possible I’ve included the .pdf for you to preview and a document file that you can download and personalize for  classroom needs. This is a rubric designed to provide guidance on test based speaking assessments. In this rubric the student, pair […]

My Favorite Movie

This is a power point file designed for working with the whole group without creating a print out or handout for students. This can help teachers reduce preparation time for classes and reduce the amount of printed materials distributed in a typical class. This works with a low budget student centered approach that incorporates the […]