Four Skills

My Alibi Past Continous Info Gap and Interview

This is an information gap and interview activity designed for beginner or intermediate EFL/ESL students. With some adjustments it would also be suitable for more advanced classes with languages learners. This communicative activity focuses on using the past continuous tense. In the activity begin by introducing students to the grammar form with some discussion of […]

Interview for Story Reading

This is an interview activity designed for less controlled practice forĀ  intermediate or advanced EFL/ESL learners. This is a general interview to discuss reading materials presented in the class. For teachers using extended or extensive reading practices with advanced learners this interview activity can help provide structure for deeper discussion of written texts. For these […]

Animal Habitat Reading Jigsaw

This is a jigsaw reading activity for intermediate or upper-intermediate EFL/ESL students. This is an English for Specific Purposes activity focused on understanding the environment and endangered species. In this activity the teacher begins with at least 4 groups. It is possible to have 8 groups with where four have interaction. Each group receives a […]

Ways to Conserve Habitat

This is an English for Specific Purposes activity designed for pre-intermediate or intermediate EFL/ESL learners. This activity asks students to consider content related to endangered species and is appropriate for a biology classroom, or a classroom where students are learning geography. In this activity students are presented with a number of animal and animal types […]

The Hamburger is from Germany Reading Dictation

These activities are designed to help EFL/ESL learners in the classroom improve reading and reading comprehension while using all four language skills. This activity provides students with a short paragraphs about the origins of different popular foods. This is a reading dictation activity. In this activity, with a group of four students, one student takes […]