Four Skills

Global Scale of English for Academic Purposes: Granular Insight into the CEFR

I really don’t know how this managed to get missed on my personal page, since I’ve been living and breathing this for the last year. In fact, this particular project is why I was in Korea. What I’m talking about is the Global Scale of English, or what I think of as the GSE for […]

Teaching with the Four Skills: An In-depth Review

  Of the two webinar sessions I completed, I really enjoyed this. I love everything to do with 21st Century teaching, but teaching around the four skills is equally important. Using the CEFR (and the 7 distinct skills in the CEFR) I explore four skills classrooms that any teacher could design. This session includes four […]

Introductions Creative Thinking Lotus Blossom

This is a series of classroom activities designed to improve communication while developing creative thinking. Creative thinking techniques encourage students to think in new and interesting ways to solve problems and address a variety of situations. These creative thinking techniques can help your learners find new ways in which to use or review language. This […]

EPIK Spring 2012 First day of Class

Are you teaching tomorrow? Are you worried about what to teach? Here are the lessons I teach on the first day of class.I keep mentioning these plans. As you get ready for your first classes, take a look at how I set myself up for success with these lessons. They are some of my favorite […]

The Original EPIK Lesson Plan Template

Hello Teachers, Here is the lesson plan template used by EPIK and the Korean MOE since 2006 when I developed it for Korea. This lesson plan template is in doc format. It is designed around the PPP (Present, Practice, Produce) language teaching framework. It can be easily adapted to teach ESA (Engage Study Activate) PPU […]