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Teaching with the Four Skills: An In-depth Review

  Of the two webinar sessions I completed, I really enjoyed this. I love everything to do with 21st Century teaching, but teaching around the four skills is equally important. Using the CEFR (and the 7 distinct skills in the CEFR) I explore four skills classrooms that any teacher could design. This session includes four […]

Research Essay with Model Text Analysis Birthday Candles

Here is another model text analysis worksheet designed for EFL/ESL students who are also working on developing writing skills. This process lesson looks at a short research based essay that presents information in a historical timeline perspective. In the essay learners begin to look at how to present information about changes in specific items over […]

Narrative Writing Lesson Plan for Intermediate Learners

This lesson plan with model texts is designed to help learners plan for and write the ending for a story based on writing prompt. This lesson begins with a board splash and uses reading process steps to analyze a model text to determine how language is used to make writing more interesting for learners. This […]

The Original EPIK Lesson Plan Template

Hello Teachers, Here is the lesson plan template used by EPIK and the Korean MOE since 2006 when I developed it for Korea. This lesson plan template is in doc format. It is designed around the PPP (Present, Practice, Produce) language teaching framework. It can be easily adapted to teach ESA (Engage Study Activate) PPU […]

Curriculum Planner for Semesters

Here are tools for teachers that can easily be adapted for classroom use. When possible I’ve included the .pdf for you to preview and a document file that you can download and personalize for classroom needs. This is a curriculum planner that will help you organize your Units into lesson plans and help you remember […]