English for Specific Purpose

Weather Wheel

This is an English for Specific purposes activity designed for beginning or pre-intermediate EFL/ESL learners. In this task based activity students will use language related to the weather. This content can easily relate to social studies or sciences classes where learners are discussing weather. Materials include: paper, crayons, paper fastener () Directions for students are […]

Animal Habitat Reading Jigsaw

This is a jigsaw reading activity for intermediate or upper-intermediate EFL/ESL students. This is an English for Specific Purposes activity focused on understanding the environment and endangered species. In this activity the teacher begins with at least 4 groups. It is possible to have 8 groups with where four have interaction. Each group receives a […]

Ways to Conserve Habitat

This is an English for Specific Purposes activity designed for pre-intermediate or intermediate EFL/ESL learners. This activity asks students to consider content related to endangered species and is appropriate for a biology classroom, or a classroom where students are learning geography. In this activity students are presented with a number of animal and animal types […]

History of Sneakers Reading Dictation

These information gap activities are designed for upper-intermediate or advanced EFL/ESL students to practice scaffolded exchange of information. These information gaps are reading gap style information gaps. To complete this information gap all four paragraphs are cut up. Each students receives one. In a group of four, each student takes turns reading one sentence at […]

Global Awareness Connections One Card Game

This is an English for Specific Purposes activity designed around raising student awareness of the world and how we interact with the world. This activity is designed as a game in which students interact with rules similar to Uno or One Card. To use these cards create a deck. One deck is useful for a […]